Terms And Conditions Of Sales

1- Price quotes provided by AQIA are honored for 30 days unless sold in the interim.
2- Order Minimum is $100 per Purchase Order. A $50 line minimum also applies.
3- If the material is to be returned, an R.M.A. must be requested within 30 days of the Invoice date.
4- Material approved for return within 30 days is subject to a 25% restocking fee as well as any associated logistic fees.
5- Returned material will not be accepted without an R.M.A. issued by AQIA.
6- Returned material must be received at AQIA within 15 calendar days from the issuance date of the RMA with all original documentation. The R.M.A. number provided must be clearly marked on the packaging which should be sufficient to protect the part from any handling or in-transit damage.
7- Where parts are sold (in any condition) and subsequently sent to the shop for evaluation, the payment shall be made by the customer on the due date defined within the AQIA Invoice, regardless of the time required for repair evaluation and/or repair fee determination.
8- Where parts are returned for warranty consideration and the shop determines there is No Fault Found (NFF), the customer is responsible for all logistic fees to and from the shop back to the customer. Unless notified in writing, the shop quotes will be approved 48 hours after being provided to the customer. The customer will be billed any fees
9- Where it is agreed upon, the part is to be scrapped off-site as opposed to returning a part to AQIA, a Scrap Certificate shall be provided to AQIA within 15 calendar days from the issuance date of the RMA. The Scrap cert shall, at minimum, include the Part Number, Serial Number (as applicable), description and date the part was scrapped.
10- Returned material from (directly or indirectly) an end-user (maintenance facilities and/or operators) must be accompanied with a statement of non-use, certifying that the part was not used and/or installed.
11- Credit, refunds or replacement will be issued upon final acceptance and receipt of the R.M.A.
12- Warranties: Unless otherwise contractually specified with AQIA, the warranty offered is as follows:
New Surplus – 30 Days from Invoice date
Factory New – 1 Year from date of the Manufacturer’s CofC or Airworthiness Certificate
Inspected and/or Tested – 30 Days from Tag Date
Repaired – 6 Months from Tag Date
Overhauled – 1 Year from Tag Date
As Removed – Parts sold for under $500 each, are sold As-Is and have no warranty.
Acceptance of the Invoice constitutes acceptance of the terms and conditions stated herein as well as compliance with all applicable Export Administration Regulations. Export License acquisition is the responsibility of the purchaser and, where required, shall be obtained from the Bureau of Industry and Security.


NET Term customers must comply with days per Invoice or Invoice due date.

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